Friday, 21 August 2009

Parametric Revit Elevator Family

Designing a Project that includes one or more Elevators means the need of a technically and dimensionally correct Revit® Elevator Family to get all the Elevations, Floor Plans and Details (for example Shaft, Openings, etc.) 100% correct right from the beginning.
Therefore we are going to create a Revit® Elevator Family that is fully parameterized, so that you are able to set it up 100% along the dimensions you get from your Elevator Manufacturer for your specific Project.
This Revit® Elevator Family is a high quality Content, which is currently in the development process and to implement all Functionality that is important for you and your Project we would like to get your requirements, suggestions and wishes.
To make sure that this new Family will be working for every situation and will be the best Revit® Elevator Family available, we would like to get your requirements, case studies, etc. to

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