Thursday, 4 November 2010

The All-in-One Sash Window Revit Family 3.0 is available for download

With our All-in-One Revit Families, we are constantly working on the best balance between Features and Performance and as we take this subject very serious and rather then concentration just on new content, we constantly improve our existing All-in-One Revit Families. Due to our unique Update Service, all our existing customers benefit from this ongoing development with FREE Updates.

Today we are very happy to release the completely re-developed All-in-One Sash Window  Family 3.0 that brings a much better organized Parameter Structure, massively better performance and great new features.

Until the end of this year, we want to release also a complete re-developed All-in-One Door Family and by the beginning of next year the Next Generation of our All-in-One Families which will bring the Subject of Revit Families to a complete new level. But more about this Next Generation by end of this year.
Today I want to focus on the new All-in-One Sash Window 3.0 and its Improvements and New Features.

The Window System
The All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family is a new and unique way to create Revit Sash Window Families. The built in fully parametric Frame system lets you create any Sash Window you need for your Project. Due to the proportional Frame System, the Window can be used in various situations just by changing the Width and Height and the Frame System will adjust automatically. This is the first time you get all Windows with just a few clicks in your Revit Project that you need. To maintain your Revit Windows and keep them consistent in design it has never been easier then with this All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family.

The Window Sash Frames
Standard Revit Sash Window Families give you a fix setup of Sash Elements. Not so with this All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family as it allows you to setup your Revit Sash Window exactly as you need it.

Glazing Bars
This All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family lets you setup as many horizontal and vertical parametric Glazing Bars as you require. This feature is available for each Sash Frame independently.

The Bay Sash Window
This new Version of the All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family allows you now to fully customize the Window Corner Joins in a very effective and simple to use way. The fully parametric Post Feature allows you to setup the connection Post you need to make any arrangement of Bay Windows, Corner Windows, etc. You can control the Angle the Window miters, the Width, Depth as well as Material of the Post.

The Sash Weights
This All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family helps you to show the Sash Window in your Revit project as realistic as possible and therefore it lets you now add Sash Weights with just one click. The Frame automatically adjusts and can be further adjusted by you to achieve the correct detail solution.

Window Accessories
The All-in-One Revit Sash Window Family comes with a parametric Horn as well as a fully parametric Sill for exterior and interior.

To learn more about this great new Release of our All-in-One Sash Window Family visit us online at