Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The All-in-One Revit Elevator Family 1.2 is available for download

From today the All-in-One Elevator 1.2 is available for download. You can read more about the fixes and improvements of this update at www.revit-content.com/content/elevator/releasenotes

To learn more about this amazing Revit Elevator Family visit our Website at www.revit-content.com/content/elevator

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The All-in-One Revit Elevator Family 1.1 is available for download

The All-in-One Elevator Family released on last Wednesday was waited for by so many Revit Users that the number of downloads has beaten our All-in-One Door Family which is still our most successful All-in-One Revit Family. Due to the early announcement of the Elevator Family we had already a waiting list of more the 250 Revit Users all over the world.

Due to the massive numbers of download, we have also received a lot of feedback which helps us to make this Revit Elevator Family even better. The 1.1 update was released on 21/06/2010 and includes a lot of improvements and fixes due to the great feedback we have received from our customers. You can read more about the included fixes and improvements online.

This All-in-One Elevator Family is the first member of our All-in-One Series that comes with preset Manufacturer Types so that you can setup your own Elevator accordingly to your specific Project and requirements or you just pick a preset Elevator and insert it in your Project.

Together with the All-in-One Elevator Family we have introduced an additional service that allows you to report a manufacturer Model of the Elevator you would specifically need and we will add it to the Type Catalog within 24-48 hours. Together with this FREE service, the All-in-One Elevator Family is probably one of the most valuable Revit Families existing.

You can find out more about which Elevator already preset in the Type Catalog or report your required Elevator Model online for the Metric Version and the Imperial Version.

Friday, 18 June 2010

The All-in-One Revit Elevator Family 1.0 is available for download

The All-in-One Elevator Family has finally joined the successful series of our All-in-One Revit Families and is available for you to download as Metric and Imperial Version.

The goal with this Elevator was to develop one advanced parametric Revit Family that allows you to build any kind of Elevator for your Revit Project independent of your project specific situation. There are a few Elevator Families available, but they all have limitations like a maximum number of levels, just equal level heights, etc.

Our All-in-One Elevator Family has none of those limitations and lets you build any Elevator independent of your level-heights, number of levels, split levels as well as shaft door locations (front, front-rear or front-side).

Following you can find an overview of the great Benefits our All-in-One Elevator brings to you and your Revit Project. To learn more about further details, please visit us online on our All-in-One Elevator Webpage.

The Elevator System
There are many different Elevator Systems available by various Companies. This All-in-One Elevator Family is the only Revit Elevator Family available that combines all available Elevator Systems in just one advanced parametric Revit Family. The geometry of this Elevator Family is optimized and it takes advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit without using duplicated elements. This All-in-One Revit Elevator Family was designed from the ground up to be adjusted to the following Elevator Systems that you can switch between just by adjusting one Parameter:

The Shaft - Pit / Overhead
The Elevator is a central element in any multi-story project and therefor the Elevator Shaft isn’t just important for the elevator it self, it is often essential for the surrounding areas like staircase, entrance halls, etc.

The All-in-One Elevator lets you display the inner shaft volume as a reference to align your shaft walls as well as the bottom and top slabs. The Shaft Parameters give you all the necessary parameters to setup the Pit, Overhead as well as any Voids you might need for your Shaft Doors.

With this All-in-One Elevator Family you have no limitations in Shaft Height, Count of Levels, Split Levels as well as Shaft Doors. You can build any Elevator with any Shaft Door Configurations.

The Shaft Doors
The Shaft Doors are Wall based and let you insert your Shaft Doors at any Level as well as for various Elevator Configurations. This Way you are not limited in the number of levels, if you have split levels or you have a Front - Rear or Front - Side accessible Cabin, you can place just a Front Shaft Door on one Level and the Rear Shaft Door on another Level. It was never easier to configure an Elevator Shaft/Door within Revit.

The Car/Cabin
This All-in-One Elevator Family offers not just the perfect solution for the Shaft and the Shaft Doors but it gives you the most parametric Elevator Car / Cabin available. The All-in-One Elevator Car / Cabin is fully parametric and can be adjusted to 3 different access types (Front, Front - Rear, Front - Side) and it can be adjusted from any squared shape to any rounded shape.

Elevator Accessories The All-in-One Elevator Family includes a wall mounted as well as a free standing call pad which are fully parametric and adjustable in their position.

Inside the Cabin you can show a Handrail as well as a Kick-Plate which are both parametric and therefore adjustable to your requirements.

Preset Elevator Types This All-in-One Elevator Family lets you setup any Elevator System for your Revit Project, and even more convenient, it comes already with a preset Type Catalog so that you just need to select your Manufacturer as well as Elevator Model you need and everything is preset for you out of the box.

The Catalog File included with the download includes major Elevator Models from Otis Elevator, Schindler Elevator as well as Thyssen Elevator. The Imperial Version comes with the major Elevator models for the US and the Metric Version with the major Elevator models for Europe.

Click on one of the following Links to learn more about the available preset Elevator Models for the All-in-One Revit Elevator Family:
Metric Version of the Type Catalog
Imperial Version of the Type Catalog

This All-in-One Elevator is a genuine Advanced Parametric Revit Family !!

Learn more online at www.revit-content.com

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Introduction of our Bulk Discounts

We have received so many enquiries regarding discounts for purchasing more than one of our amazing advanced parametric Revit Families. Following to this countless enquiries we are very happy to introduce our Bulk Discounts at http://www.revit-content.com/pricing.htm