Monday, 25 January 2010


We are very happy about the very positive feedback we get all days long from all over the world by Revit Users experiencing the advantage of our Advanced Parametric Families combined with our unique Services for their Projects.

We have started this Series with the aim to provide better and more valuable Families for your Revit Project and we are happy to announce the Advanced Parametric Bi-Fold Door / Window as our new member of this successful Series today.

Also known as Folding Doors, Bifold Doors provide the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space required. Exterior Bifold Doors also provide natural light, and the ability to connect the inside to the outside. Bifold Doors are ideal for connecting living rooms, entertainment areas, gardens and patios and can be custom designed to meet individual tastes and specifications. They can also be used in restaurants and offices to create partitions and space. Panels are usually connected together in a train and can be joined together in a number of configurations. Bifold Doors are designed to come in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors that split in the centre and have two doors folding back to each side, and so on. However the term Bifold is used loosely and Bifold Doors can usually be manufactured to provide an even or odd number of doors (sometimes referred to as MultiFold Doors). Where an odd number of doors are used, a swing door is possible.

Our Advanced Parametric Bi-Fold Door is small in File size (with just 532 kB) and does it all and even more ...
  • Adjust the numbers of Panels for each side and get either just Panels on one Side or on both Sides
  • Adjust the Opening of the Panels for each Side separate
  • Adjust the Dimension of all Profiles (Frame and Panel), Guide rail and even the Upstand
  • Adjust it to a Bi-Fold Door or a Bi-Fold Window
  • Adjust the reveal (Render Offset Interior and Exterior, Frame Position, Cavity Closer, etc.)
  • Adjust the Threshold together with the Guide rail to either level the interior and exterior floor or make a step down


As all our Advanced Parametric Families, this new Bi-Fold Door has fully conditioned Parameters that makes it easy for you to adjust it and it guaranties that you will always get a satisfying Result rather the an Error Message saying “Constraints are not satisfied” as you can experience this with so many other Families.

To Learn more about the possibilities and ways to adjust this Family have a look at the Content Manual available online.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


It is now already one week since we have published our first Advanced Furniture Family - The Cupboard / Wardrobe Family - and the Response was just incredible ... We have always believed in developing High Quality Revit Families that really (and I mean really) add great Value to the Revit User and we have been just overwhelmed with the positive Response and the incredible number of Downloads during the first week the Advanced Cupboard / Wardrobe Family was online. With our Advanced Parametric Revit Families we are definitely on the right way to provide not just the best Quality and User Experience available for Revit Families but also the best Value available for Money. Today we are more than happy to let you know that our next Advanced Parametric Revit Family is online available NOW. The Advanced Parametric Revit Family available from TODAY is an incredible flexible KITCHEN UNIT Family that is not just small in File size (with just 524 kB), but gives you one single Kitchen Unit that can be adjusted to virtually any Kitchen Floor Unit as well as Kitchen Wall Unit to arrange virtually infinite configurations of Kitchen arrangements. The Image above shows just one Sample of an Arrangement done with just this single Kitchen Unit Family. Every single Element from this Family can be adjusted and with its conditioned Parameters it is easy to setup with just ticking a box and all the transformation is done automatically.

To Learn more about the possibilities and ways to adjust this Family have a look at the Content Manual available online.
With this Advanced Parametric Revit Family you get the most adjustable Revit Kitchen Unit available and additionally 9 preset Kitchen Unit Types that can be used out of the Box for your Project or as Template for further Adjustments.
Included preset Kitchen Unit Types are:
  • SINK
If you would like to learn more about the Types included with the Family just go to our How to Use Section on our Website and find a PDF File that you can download for FREE.
If you are not yet Subscriber of or FREE Content Notifier it's unfortunately too late to get this amazing Family for just $16.50 instead of $49.99, but the next advanced Family will be online shortly and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, or ?
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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cupboard Revit Family 2.0

27% of our 1000+ Notifier Subscribers took already advantage of their exclusive Subscriber Discount and downloaded our amazing Advanced Parametric Cupboard Family in the first 2 Days the Family has been available.

This amazing result hasn't just shown the demand on really Advanced professional developed Revit Families, but also given us quite a lot Feedbacks and as there is nothing more important then 100% Customer Satisfaction, we have taken action on the few reported bugs and we are happy to roll out the first Update of this Family that is online available NOW.

As part of our exclusive Services for Content Notifier Subscribers, everybody who has downloaded the Family so far will receive a Coupon Code to download the updated Family for FREE today.

As further Result of the Feedbacks we have received, we are going to provide more preset Types so that the Revit User can really concentrate on their Design Work using our All-in-one Advanced Parametric Furniture Revit Family with a great choice of further Wardrobe, Cupboard, Book Shelve, Wall Hung Units, Locker, Retail Units and much more out of the box with just one small Family to load.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


The most requested Revit Family Category has been FURNITURE and this motivated us to develop the most advanced Revit Furniture Families available. Today we are very proud to present the first member of a Series of very advanced Revit FURNITURE Families - the All-in-one Cupboard.
As every single Family that you load to your Revit Project, increase the Project Size and the Fact that the Content Management gets more and more challanging having a lot of different Families, we started to develop Advanced Parametric Families that are not just small in their File size (this advanced Cupboard Family has example just 368kB), but also optimized, very powerfull and adjustable, so that you virtually just need one single Family of every Category.

Your Benefits are:
  • Dramatically reduced Content Costs
  • Less Content to maintain
  • Reduced Size of your Revit Projects
  • Keep your Content easily updated with our further Family Development
  • Get 19 preset Types including Drawers, Single Door Cupboards, Double Door Cupboards, Wall Hung Cupboards, Bookshelve, Wardrobes and Locker
  • Countless preset Types for each advanced Revit Content Family that will be published regularly

All our 1000+ Notifier Subscriber (plus more then 100 new Subscribers since we have announced our ADVANCED REVIT FAMILIES) have received their exclusive Coupon Code to download this amazing Family for just $ 16.50 instead of the regular Price of $49.99 today.

This introduction Discount of amazing 67% is normally just for Revit Content Notifier Subscriber who signed up before this Family was published.

But as it is the first Member of our ADVANCED REVIT FAMILIES we make an Exception !

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Saturday, 9 January 2010


Imagine to create a full Kitchen with just one slim Advanced Kitchen Revit Family and hundreds of wardrobes, cupboards, etc. with just one slim Advanced Wardrobe/Cupboard Revit Family or hundreds of armchairs, Sofas, Chairs, etc. with just one slim Advanced Sofa Revit Family ...

From Tuesday the 12th January 2010 we will start to provide the Revit Community with new slim very Advanced Revit Families.

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