Thursday, 18 June 2009

Parametric Travelator Revit Family

Our fully parameterized Travelator Revit® Family has been released and is available for download at

More than 20 flexible Parameter
You have more than 20 possibilities to setup our generic Travelator to every available Travelator. With just one Family you have thousands of possibilities to get exactly the Travelator you need for your Project.

Choose your Angle
One of this over 20 Parameters is the Angle of the Run. The Family is fully parameterized - that means that you just need to change the Parameter for the Angle for example to 0° or 10° (or every angle you would like) and you have automatically your Travelator. The Length will adjust automatically in reference to the Level Height, and if you choose 0° you can define the Length of the Run.

You want to see always a correct Floor Plan ?
No Problem at all - This fully parameterized Travelator Family shows the Model correct cutted and even the hidden Lines for the Model above the cutting Line is fully parameterized. If you cut in the upper floor, you will see the Travelator fully.

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