Thursday, 19 August 2010

The All-in-One Revit Bi-Fold Door Family 3.1 is now also a Sliding Door Family

The All-in-One Revit Bi-Fold Door Family 3.1 has been released, it is now not just the most advanced and most flexible Revit Bi-Fold Door, but also a Revit Sliding Door Family. All together in one single advanced parametric Revit Family.

To experience this amazing Family, we have released two Video Tutorials.
The first part shows the shows the Bi-Fold Door functionality together with general topics like Wall Opening, Frame and Panel adjustments, etc.
The second part shows how simple it is to switch from the Bi-Fold Door to the Sliding Door and concentrates on the Sliding Door Features.
To learn more about all the great Features of this Revit Bi-Fold / Sliding Door Family visit us online at our All-in-One Bi-Fold / Sliding Door Webpage.



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