Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The All-in-One Revit Window Family 1.1 is available for download

The All-in-One Window Family has finally joined the successful series of our All-in-One Revit Families and is available for you to download at

The goal with this Window Family was to develop one advanced parametric Revit Family that allows you to build any kind of Window for your Revit Project independent of your project specific situation. There are so many Window Families available, but they all let you just setup a specific Window configuration with limited possibilities of adjustment.

This new All-in-One Window Family has none of those limitations and lets you build any Window independent of which arrangement of Fix and Swing Elements, Glazing Bars, Swing opening to Interior or Exterior, etc.

This All-in-One Window Family has quickly turned into our most successful Revit Family and we are very happy to release today the next Version 1.1 which adds effective and a simple to use Feature for Bay Windows.
The feedback we have received has been overwhelming and it has proved that this new powerful and simple to use concept of building any Revit Window with just one professional developed parametric Revit Family is definitely a must have Family for every Architect and Revit User. It has also shown that Revit Users miss support in building Bay Windows, Corner Windows or any combination of Windows. After evaluating all the helpful responses and requests, we have build in this new great feature which helps you to setup a proper connection between your windows. It was never easier to get any Bay Window arrangement or a Corner Window in Revit.

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Derek Nunez said...

I love your Revit families. I gave them some props on my blog under the article "Why switch from AutoCAD to Revit?". I think one of the deficiencies of Revit is the standard families that it comes with. But services like yours are filling the gap nicely and at a reasonable price. Thanks for the good work! If you'd like to read the article you can find it at: