Tuesday, 9 March 2010

All-in-One Sash Window 2.0

The Sash Window is a Member of our All-in-One Revit Family Series and has been downloaded more then 300 times since it was published almost exactly one month ago. This enormous success and the countless feedbacks we have received during the last 4 weeks have proved that our unique concept of All-in-One Families is definitely a Revolution in working with Revit.

Our All-in-One Revit Families are developed by a Team of Architects and Revit professionals and therefore they are not just really Advanced Parametric but also optimized for professional use.

The feedback on the Sash Window Revit Family was so enormous that we have decided to split the implementation which gives you the advantage of new Features in Version 2.0 already today !

There are more great Features that will come in Version 3.0 (FREE for everybody who has downloaded Version 1.0 or 2.0 with our FREE Content Update Service):
  • Parametric Render Band
  • Parametric Brick Arc Head
  • Arc tapered Reveal
  • etc.

What's NEW at Version 2.0 ?

Performance & Flexbility
As we have done it with our All-in-One Kitchen Unit Family, the Version 2.0 of the Sash Window Family comes now with a Catalog File that improves massively the Performance of the Family and it gives you more Flexibility as we will bring continuous updates of the catalog file with additional preset Sash Window Types.

Stone Sill
Additionally to the fully adjustable internal and external Sill available from Version 1.0 you have now the possibility to setup an external fully adjustable Stone Sill.

Cut linear joined Walls
The Wall opening cuts now additional joined linear Walls (e.g. as when dry-lining a stone wall with insulated plasterboard).The parametric internal and external Sill as well as the new Stone Sill give you all necessary adjustment possibilities to setup any linear joined Walls.

Improved Tapered Reveal
The tapered Reveal available from Version 1.0 has been improved as you can now control every side separate.

... and if you haven't yet discovered the countless adjustment opportunities this All-in-One Advanced Parametric Sash Window Revit Family offers to you - No Problem at all ... just have a look on our Website and you will see all the possible setup configurations ... and don't forget ... it's all about parametric functionality, and there are no double Elements that just control the Visibility as you can see it from so many other Families out there ...
This All-in-One Sash Window is a genuine Advanced Parametric Revit Family !!

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