Friday, 19 March 2010

All-in-One is now IMPERIAL

We receive daily more then 100 comments & feedbacks from all over the world on our All-in-One Families and we take every one serious. We have massively improved the performance, the functionality as well as handy features on our All-in-One Families during the last couple of weeks to make them to the best Revit Content available.

There was one thing that our All-in-One Families were missing .... which we have taken care of now as well ....

Our All-in-One Revit Families are now Imperial which means that they are not just the best Revit Families available but from today all Revit Users (Metric & Imperial) can benefit from using them to make their Revit Projects even more efficient.

And the good news is ... Every one of our already available All-in-One Families as well as our future All-in-One Families from today come in Metric & Imperial together with just one Download. And not to forget, everyone who has downloaded our All-in-One Families will get the update with Imperial units for FREE (Learn more about our unique FREE Content Update Service).

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