Friday, 14 May 2010

All-in-One Revit Door Family 3.0 - New Features and great Improvements

The All-in-One Kitchen Unit is probably the most valuable Revit Furniture Family available. This fully parametric Kitchen Unit takes full advantage of the parametric Revit Family Features and let you setup any kitchen unit and kitchen arrangement that you need for your Revit Project.

We are very happy to let you know that the Version 3 of this amazing Revit Kitchen Family has been released today with great new features and improvements of existing features.

Following a brief overview of the new and improved Features that you can benefit of in the new All-in-One Revit Kitchen Family 3.0:

Double Bowl Sink
One of the most asked Features now available in Version 3, is the fully parametric Sink which can now be setup with either just one or with two bowls and can be adjusted independently from each other. The Drainer automatically adjusts its width to show at all times the right offset even if the second bowl is activated. Version 3 brings now also a fully parametric Tap that can be rotated, and be fully adjusted.

Extractor Fan

Another Feature that has a huge demand from our customers is the Extractor Fan which is now built so that it can be shown with just one click. The Extractor Fan is fully Parametric and can be adjusted for a wall mounted kitchen unit as well as a free standing kitchen island unit.

Drawer / Door Swap

The All-in-One Revit Kitchen Family has been the first parametric Kitchen Unit that allows to setup Drawers, Swing- or Sliding Doors or an combination of both. In the previous versions their was the limitation that the Drawers were always located underneath the Door Panel. Version 3 allows now to swap the position of the Door Panel with the Drawers just with one single click. It is now your choice how to arrange the Drawers together with the Door Panel.

Drawer Unit Height Lock
One of many improvements within existing functionality is the possibility to lock the Unit Height for Units with just drawers. In the previous Version, the Unit Height was automatically calculated based on the drawer height as well as the drawer count. If the drawer unit is used within a kitchen arrangement together with other units, it was quite difficult to setup the draw heights to match with the height of the remaining units. We have now added a tick box that allows to lock the unit height and therefore the drawer heights are being calculated automatically based on the drawer count.

... and if you haven't yet discovered the countless adjustment opportunities this All-in-One advanced parametric Kitchen Unit Revit Family offers to you ... just have a look on our Webpage and you will see all the possible setup configurations ... and don't forget ... it's all about parametric functionality, and there are no double Elements that just control the Visibility as you can see it from so many other Families out there ...

This All-in-One Kitchen Unit is a genuine Advanced Parametric Revit Family !!

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