Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All-in-One Revit Door Family 1.2 - A unique way to Setup the Wall Opening

The real Quality of a Revit Family finally gets unveiled as soon as it comes to the stage of Construction Design where the Revit Family delivers the Building Information to the Building Model.

The All-in-One Revit Door Family was designed from the ground up to be the most adjustable and most accurate Door Family to deliver to the exact data that is needed from the first design to the detailed construction documentation.

We have received hundreds of feedbacks as well as inquires since we have published the Door Family, and I would like to demonstrate the power of this Door Family with an example we have received many inquires on.

Revit is very powerful and gives to the Revit User free hand on how to organize the Building Structure.

An example is the subject of Floors, which has various approaches through the Revit community.

Mainly there are two approaches, depending on the size and complexity of the actual project.

1st Approach
Using the capability of the floor tool to create many layers and therefore create the structural floor as well as the finished floor in one floor type. This approach is obviously less flexible but easier to maintain and is probably mostly used in smaller developments.
2nd Approach
The structural floor is separately created from the finished floor. In this circumstance, it is common to create two separate levels - one for the top of the structural floor and a second for the top of the finished floor.
The second approach, which is the more flexible and therefore used in larger developments, gives two possible ways to insert the Revit Door Family into the Revit Model. The Door Family can either be inserted in reference to the structural floor level or in reference to the finished floor level.

The All-in-One Revit Door Family is open to support either of these approaches as it lets you adjust the vertical position of the entire door as well as the wall opening at the bottom of the door.

The following images illustrate the powerful adjustments available within the All-in-One Revit Door Family that allow you to insert and setup the Door Family accordingly to your daily working standards.
The Parameter ROUGH DISTANCE BOTTOM is available as Type Parameter as well as Instance Parameter so it is your choice if you want to apply the Rough Distance Bottom (Floor Thickness) variating to each Instance or general to a Door Type.

Show the Opening Height on the Dimension Line
In relation to the wall opening, Revit gives the option to show the opening height on the dimension line. This Revit option shows the actual Value of the Height Parameter (in this case of the Door) underneath the dimension line. To give you as Revit User the choice if the Value shown as Opening Height shall be the Clear Height of the Frame or the Rough Height of the Opening, the All-in-One Revit Door Family (available from Version 1.2) gives you the option to set your preference with just one Tick Box.
These are just two of many powerful features, that have made this All-in-One Revit Door Family to one of the most successful Revit Families available with more then 500 downloads after just two weeks the All-in-One Door Family has been available.

To learn more about this amazing Revit Door Family visit The All-in-One Door Family Webpage.

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