Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cupboard Revit Family 2.0

27% of our 1000+ Notifier Subscribers took already advantage of their exclusive Subscriber Discount and downloaded our amazing Advanced Parametric Cupboard Family in the first 2 Days the Family has been available.

This amazing result hasn't just shown the demand on really Advanced professional developed Revit Families, but also given us quite a lot Feedbacks and as there is nothing more important then 100% Customer Satisfaction, we have taken action on the few reported bugs and we are happy to roll out the first Update of this Family that is online available NOW.

As part of our exclusive Services for Content Notifier Subscribers, everybody who has downloaded the Family so far will receive a Coupon Code to download the updated Family for FREE today.

As further Result of the Feedbacks we have received, we are going to provide more preset Types so that the Revit User can really concentrate on their Design Work using our All-in-one Advanced Parametric Furniture Revit Family with a great choice of further Wardrobe, Cupboard, Book Shelve, Wall Hung Units, Locker, Retail Units and much more out of the box with just one small Family to load.

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