Monday, 25 January 2010


We are very happy about the very positive feedback we get all days long from all over the world by Revit Users experiencing the advantage of our Advanced Parametric Families combined with our unique Services for their Projects.

We have started this Series with the aim to provide better and more valuable Families for your Revit Project and we are happy to announce the Advanced Parametric Bi-Fold Door / Window as our new member of this successful Series today.

Also known as Folding Doors, Bifold Doors provide the flexibility to be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space required. Exterior Bifold Doors also provide natural light, and the ability to connect the inside to the outside. Bifold Doors are ideal for connecting living rooms, entertainment areas, gardens and patios and can be custom designed to meet individual tastes and specifications. They can also be used in restaurants and offices to create partitions and space. Panels are usually connected together in a train and can be joined together in a number of configurations. Bifold Doors are designed to come in pairs, with two doors folding to one side, or with four doors that split in the centre and have two doors folding back to each side, and so on. However the term Bifold is used loosely and Bifold Doors can usually be manufactured to provide an even or odd number of doors (sometimes referred to as MultiFold Doors). Where an odd number of doors are used, a swing door is possible.

Our Advanced Parametric Bi-Fold Door is small in File size (with just 532 kB) and does it all and even more ...
  • Adjust the numbers of Panels for each side and get either just Panels on one Side or on both Sides
  • Adjust the Opening of the Panels for each Side separate
  • Adjust the Dimension of all Profiles (Frame and Panel), Guide rail and even the Upstand
  • Adjust it to a Bi-Fold Door or a Bi-Fold Window
  • Adjust the reveal (Render Offset Interior and Exterior, Frame Position, Cavity Closer, etc.)
  • Adjust the Threshold together with the Guide rail to either level the interior and exterior floor or make a step down


As all our Advanced Parametric Families, this new Bi-Fold Door has fully conditioned Parameters that makes it easy for you to adjust it and it guaranties that you will always get a satisfying Result rather the an Error Message saying “Constraints are not satisfied” as you can experience this with so many other Families.

To Learn more about the possibilities and ways to adjust this Family have a look at the Content Manual available online.

If you are not yet Subscriber of or FREE Content Notifier it's unfortunately too late to get this amazing Family for just $16.50 instead of $49.99, but the next advanced Family will be online shortly and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity, or ?
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Mark Osborne said...

Bifolding doors are becoming a very popular upgrade for new conservatories as they provide much wider unobstructed door openings than traditional French double doors or sliding patio doors. When fully open these folding sliding doors allow you to seamlessly merge your garden with your conservatory and bring the outside inside.
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