Tuesday, 12 January 2010


The most requested Revit Family Category has been FURNITURE and this motivated us to develop the most advanced Revit Furniture Families available. Today we are very proud to present the first member of a Series of very advanced Revit FURNITURE Families - the All-in-one Cupboard.
As every single Family that you load to your Revit Project, increase the Project Size and the Fact that the Content Management gets more and more challanging having a lot of different Families, we started to develop Advanced Parametric Families that are not just small in their File size (this advanced Cupboard Family has example just 368kB), but also optimized, very powerfull and adjustable, so that you virtually just need one single Family of every Category.

Your Benefits are:
  • Dramatically reduced Content Costs
  • Less Content to maintain
  • Reduced Size of your Revit Projects
  • Keep your Content easily updated with our further Family Development
  • Get 19 preset Types including Drawers, Single Door Cupboards, Double Door Cupboards, Wall Hung Cupboards, Bookshelve, Wardrobes and Locker
  • Countless preset Types for each advanced Revit Content Family that will be published regularly

All our 1000+ Notifier Subscriber (plus more then 100 new Subscribers since we have announced our ADVANCED REVIT FAMILIES) have received their exclusive Coupon Code to download this amazing Family for just $ 16.50 instead of the regular Price of $49.99 today.

This introduction Discount of amazing 67% is normally just for Revit Content Notifier Subscriber who signed up before this Family was published.

But as it is the first Member of our ADVANCED REVIT FAMILIES we make an Exception !

We are going to send an exclusive Subscriber Discount Coupon to every new Subscriber who signs up for FREE before 15.01.2010 12:00AM (GMT).

You can Sign-up for FREE here ...


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Michael Jones said...

Our All-in-One Wardrobe / Cupboard Revit Family is the most advanced parametric Wardrobe Revit Family available and lets you setup any kind of Bedroom Furniture Wardrobe or any other kind of Wardrobe, Cupboard, Shelve, Locker, etc.

John Clark said...

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