Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The All-in-One Revit Door Family 1.0 is available for download

After a very extensive development based on massive feedback that we have received, we are very happy to announce that the All-in-One Revit Door Family is available for download from today.

This Revit Door Family is definitely the best way to create and organize your Doors in your Revit Project.All of the built-in features in the All-in-One Revit Door Family were designed from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced parametric capabilities of Revit. So you can create any kind of Door with just one single Family that you can’t do with any other Door Family.

This Revit Door Family can be adjusted from a Single Door to a Double Door and even to a Sliding Door. The Door Frame is fully adjustable up to small details and can be switched with just one click between a Closure Frame, a Corner Frame as well as a Block Frame. The Door Panel is amazing too as it follows to the settings of the Frame and gives you an accurate Version of a Door Panel that you haven’t seen ever before. Finally this Door Family gives you a lot of Accessories for the Door Panel that can be fully scheduled.

The Door System
The All-in-One Revit Door Family is the best way to create Doors. The built in fully parametric Frame system lets you create any Door System you need for your Project. You can setup a standard single Door, with all Details, Materials and Functions you require and then just duplicate it to different Door Types and change with just one click to a double Door, or from a Swing Door to a Sliding Door. This is the first time that you can get all the Doors you need with just a few clicks. They all follow exactly to your requirements, and you don’t just get the Doors you need but you use just one Family and keep your Revit Project efficient and your Door Content easy to maintain.

The Wall Opening
The Wall opening doesn’t get that much attention with normal Door Families as you might have experienced. Not so with this All-in-One Revit Door Family as it lets you have full control over the Wall Opening with many adjustable parameters to get the Opening, the Render wrapping, Reveal, etc. exactly how you require it for your specific Project.

The Frame System
There’s nothing like the Frame System in the All-in-One Revit Door Family. With just a few parameters, it lets you adjust the Door Frame to various Frame Types, with various Rebates and either as Wood or as Metal Profile Frame in a way you never could before. The amazing thing is that you can change all this at any configuration - So you can for example setup a specific Door with specific Rebates, a specific Door Panel, Glazing and various Accessories and then just duplicate it to a Corner Frame Type, a Closure Frame Type or a Block Frame. It’s so simple and efficient ...

The Panel System
With the Panel System of the All-in-One Revit Door Family, you can do much more than just see them as Symbol line in your Plan view or as a 3D Door Panel in your Rendering. You have various ways to show your Door Panel in the plan view in a detail and accuracy you haven’t seen before. The Panel follows automatically to your Frame setup, and with just one click you can even switch between Flush and not Flush or create an glazing within your Door Panel.

There is even more Detail on the Accessories with a fully parametric Door Handle, that can be adjusted to a Emergency Bar, Lever handle, Pull Handle, Push Plate or just a Knob handle. There are also adjustable Kick Plates and more.

And finally the All-in-One Door Family lets you take advantage from the Revit schedule capabilities with all its great features and details.

To learn more about this amazing Revit Door Family visit The All-in-One Door Family Webpage.

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